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South Africa



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You are being called to travel to the African continent and connect to the root source of who you are. Will you answer the call?

In life, we are often faced with traumatic events and challenging situations that may cause feelings of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and fear. However, it's important to remember that these emotions do not define us or our truth.


All Upcoming Experiences

Choose one of our group experiences or plan a private travel experience with your own dates. 

Experience Ghana & Chale Wote Festival 2024 - 8 days

Accra, Ghana

Experience Ghana & Chale Wote Festival 2024 - 8 days

Visit the Motherland and connect with your heritage and culture through art and cultural exhibitions for Chale Wote


Egyptian Spiritual Alchemy Experience - 2024

Cairo, Egypt

Egyptian Spiritual Alchemy Experience - 2024

Join Certified Africa on this conscious journey to explore the mysteries of Egyptian alchemy.


The Kenya Great Migration  Experience - 7 days

Nairobi, Kenya

The Kenya Great Migration Experience - 7 days

Witness the Majestic Great Migration: Kenya's Breathtaking Tapestry of Wildlife and Wonder


The Egypt Experience - 8 Days

Cairo, Egypt

The Egypt Experience - 8 Days

Explore the sights and wonder of Egypt, and immerse yourself in the culture of this incredible country.


The Ghana Experience 2024 - 8 Days

Accra, Ghana

The Ghana Experience 2024 - 8 Days

Experience Ghana's Rich History & Culture on this unique, immersive 8 day experience.


NYE in the Motherland - Ghana 2024

Accra, Ghana

NYE in the Motherland - Ghana 2024

Imagine bringing in the New Year in the Motherland! #goals


New Year's in Ghana - Afrochella - 2024

Accra, Ghana

New Year's in Ghana - Afrochella - 2024

Imagine bringing in the New Year in the Motherland! #goals


Traditional Welcome & Naming Ceremony

Accra, Ghana

Traditional Welcome & Naming Ceremony

This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to be officially welcomed back to the Motherland by a Queen Mother and community elders.


The Ghana Experience: Ready- to- Book

Accra, Ghana

The Ghana Experience: Ready- to- Book

Imagine dipping your feet in the occean the Ancestors crossed!


Certified Africa Trip Planning

U.S., United States

Certified Africa Trip Planning

Let us create a custom experience for you.


Moving to Ghana x Doing Business Program

Online, United States

Moving to Ghana x Doing Business Program

Ghana Relocation Assistance



Travel to the Motherland

Life is short, it's time that you honor YOUR truth. Travel to the Motherland and unlock 🔑 what you feel you have been missing.

Trust What You Feel and Do What Makes Your Soul Happy

One of the most intimidating aspects of traveling abroad is the unknown. Every new culture has its own customs, languages and traditions, which can be hard to navigate if you're not used to them.

Traveling to Africa shouldn't be complex.

Don't be overwhelmed with planning your:

  • accommodation
  • transportation
  • activities 
  • immunizations
  • visa applications 
  • restaurants 
  • tour guides

in an unfamiliar and new destination. 

Now is the time to finally check visiting the Continent off your bucketlist. ✅

We're here to make the process easy, smooth, organized, safe and life changing for every person that wants to return home to the Motherland.


Our Travel Experiences are Intentionally Designed to change your life! 

  • Designed to ensure your safety and security
  • Designed to prepare you for all the important travel requirements and or restrictions
  • Designed for you to experience the power of travel to Africa
  • Designed for you to make meaningful connections with people who call each of our destinations home.
  • Designed to give you an authentic and on-the-ground view of culture and lifestyle in each African country
  • Designed to shift your perspective

Personal Traveler

Private Experiences 

Are you seeking a travel experience that is both private and personalized, be it with family or friends, or in celebration of a special occasion like your anniversary or birthday? Look no further. Our specialized team of expert local guides will craft a customized itinerary that will help you explore your roots in Africa and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Group Experiences

Looking for a unique opportunity to connect with other travelers who share your passion for living your best life and exploration in the Motherland? Our group experiences are perfect for personal travelers and couples looking to make lifelong connections with like-minded travelers and immerse themselves in authentic cultural experiences while exploring their roots in Africa.

Navigating unfamiliar territory, language barriers, and concerns about safety and security can make travel daunting. You can be confident that you will have a safe and enjoyable travel experience with Certified Africa. Let us take care of the logistics and coordination with one of our private or group experiences so you can focus on the trip of a lifetime .


Community & Corporate Organizations

Looking for a unique and unforgettable travel experience for your organization? Our customized itineraries and expert local guides can help foster a sense of community and cultural awareness among your members. Let us handle the logistics and coordination to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.


Travel Professionals

Looking for a reliable and experienced partner to deliver unique and authentic travel experiences for your travelers while protecting your brand? Look no further. We offer local support and logistics for travel agents, travel companies, and brands.

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We get it- You want a travel company you can trust.

We are young husband and wife team, Kristin (African American/Caribbean🇹🇹🇺🇸 ) & Nii (Ghanaian🇬🇭). We met in Ghana in the summer of 2016, got married a year later and together we own several property and businesses in Ghana. Nii was born and raised in Ghana and has worked in government. Kristin was born and raised in the U.S. She has lived, worked, and studied extensively on the African continent. Together, we utilize our connections and network on the African continent to curate authentic x exclusive experiences for Certified Africa travelers that connect them long after their first visit.

Building a Bridge Between the Diaspora & Africa🌍

Meet Our Founders

How it Works

Planning a private experience or would you prefer to join a group experience? Learn how the process works for both private and group travel experiences. 

Private Experiences are offered in the following destinations

  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • South Africa 
  • Egypt 
  • Tanzania and (Zanzibar) 
  • Senegal 
  • Benin
  • Togo 

The custom trip planning fee is $50. The $50 is a non refundable fee that we charge to start the process of designing your custom trip. Each travelers desired trip is different.We will design a customized personal link that will allow you and your entire party to book the experience. The $50 is NOT the cost of the trip. The cost of your trip will be in addition to the $50.

After paying the custom trip planning fee, you will be contacted by Certified Africa to fill out a form with details for your private experience. g

We handle all the details, the planning and logistics on ground for your experience.  All you have to do is arrive in the Motherland.

Select one of our group experiences and meet other travelers from around the world. 

The group experiences are currently offered to the following destinations

  • Ghana
  • Egypt 
  • Zanzibar (Tanzania) 

You can book your travel experience and reserve your spot by paying in full, paying half of the cost of the experience, or splitting your payments into installments.

We handle all the details, the planning and logistics on ground for your experience.  All you have to do is arrive in the Motherland.

Certified Africa Teams Up With United Airlines to Launch New All-in-One African Heritage Travel Packages

United Airlines and Certified Africa, a travel and tour company that simplifies travel to Africa, have teamed up to create convenient options for travelers looking to visit Africa for African heritage experiences.

“This partnership will be welcome news for United customers who are eager to explore Africa but may need a little help creating their ideal itinerary,” said Glenn Hollister, vice president of sales strategy and effectiveness at United. “Certified Africa’s deep expertise and extensive network of local partners made them a great choice for United to work with.”  

promoting health and safety is a top priority. We are resuming trips with multiple layers of health and safety measures developed in consideration of guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, local and international health authorities, the U.S. Travel Association


the service was exceptional! Y’all bent over backwards to make sure we wanted for nothing. Everything was so well organized and put together. The entire team worked together flawlessly (it was sorta like Chik Fil A service times 10

Nancy Fooks @msfooks

Certified Africa answered all our questions and concerns ahead of time and provided all the necessary information for travel to Africa.

Felicia @eklectic_afro

"If I had planned the trip based on what I found and researched on the internet, I would have done like half of what you planned for us on our Ghana experience.

Rinsha @rinshaprofit

Certified Africa made my first trip to Africa seamless. I had an experience I would not have been able to plan on my own and it included people that were truly warm, welcoming and inspiring.

Meah @thereelmeah


This trip blew me away. I was excited to visit Africa for the first time and specifically Ghana but I never expected to be so inspired and moved. The Certified Africa founders were ingenious in curating a trip that addressed the many desires people of African-descent may have when journeying back to their homeland. From the traditional ceremonies to the tourism to the exceptional business investment event, I felt honored to be exposed to every facet of Ghanaian culture and welcomed fully. It was more than a trip but an experience that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Shanel Adams -@shanel.adams

"If I had planned the trip based on what I found and researched on the internet, I would have done like half of what you planned for us on our Ghana experience.

Rinsha Prophete

Certified Africa made my first trip to Africa seamless. I had an experience I would not have been able to plan on my own and it included people that were truly warm, welcoming and inspiring.

MeahDean - @thereelmeah

AMAZING!!!! It exceeded all of my expectations. First class trip all the way…from the airplane to checking back in for the flight. All of the hosts were phenomenal and very helpful. The itinerary was very full of enriching activities and wonderful historical sites. I’ll definitely recommend this trip and travel agency to any and everyone.

Nancy Fooks-@MsFooks

Words can not express how wonderful my experience was. Certified Africa thought of everything! The staff is amazing and I encourage anyone who wants to visit our motherland, to do it with CA!

Tametra Tracy-@tracy_life_wellness

There are not even enough words to describe the amazing trip my Husband and I had with Certified Africa here in Ghana. They answered all our questions and concerns ahead of time and provided all the necessary information for travel to Africa. Once on the ground they gave us days full of culture and love from the Certified Africa staff and the local people of Ghana. If you want to experience Ghana not just Accra. Book with Certified Africa. Thank you again Nii and Kristin and Team for all your hard work. No detail was left out.

Felicia Parsons_ @eklectic_afro

Certified Africa provided more than a trip, it was the experience of a lifetime! We met wonderful people, every day was educational, inspirational and just plain fun. Nii, Kristin and their team were so professional but at the same time, they felt like family. I would travel with Certified Africa every vacation if I could. Thank you for showing us Ghana and making The Year of the Return an unforgettable experience.

Kamara Cooper

Absolutely the BEST trip ever!! Certified Africa thought of everything. Without any reservation, I highly recommend anyone going to Ghana who needs a tour company to choose Certified Africa. 

Joan Passley

I had a great time. Certified Africa did not disappoint and I enjoyed the excursions, parties and fellow travelers that I met. I was able to challenge myself at Kakum Park and the hike to umbrella rock and also learned the history of Ghana thanks to the Certified Africa staff. This was the trip of a lifetime!

Stana Fields

Many of the staff members including the owners were attentive, welcoming, and went above and beyond to make it a great experience for everyone.

Quilla Moore

I appreciate how personable you all are. Everyone was so kind and welcoming. Any issues or challenges you all took care of everything. I look forward to seeing you all in December for another amazing trip!

Erica Cauley

I enjoyed my time in Ghana, the experience was phenomenal and one to remember.  The Certified Africa team cares about each attendee, operates with integrity, and will go the extra mile to ensure everyone has a great time.

Lakeisha Matthews

I am so happy that I traveled to Ghana with Certified Africa. I honestly wouldn’t want to travel with another travel group. The coordinators, the travel guides, the experience. Everything was more than I could’ve wished and I felt like I left Ghana with an experience I couldn’t have even imagined.

Tenisha Brown

My experience was special and one that I will always cherish. It should be every black persons goal to set foot on the Motherland at least once... For me, I hope to many times. It was great to have Certified Africa there to facilitate this experience. They did a remarkable job and only added to the amazing time that just being in Ghana brought me.  

Anika Boyce

While on this trip it allowed me to experience and achieve milestones that I never thought to do on my own. Such as crossing the bridge at Kakum Park and hiking up a mountain. It allowed me to embrace my fears and to step out of my comfort zone which was very exhilarating. Thank you for this experience.

Toya Parker

Amazing! Wonderful! Every detail was well planned to make sure the guests had an amazing time. The staff of Certified Africa made us feel like family. Ghana just maybe my favorite African country because of all we saw.

Tawan Parsons

I had a great time on the Year of Return NYE trip to Ghana with Certified Africa! The cultural experiences, learning about Ghana and exposure to doing business in Ghana made it a unique and wonderful experience!

Adrienne Reddick

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and highly recommend you all to anyone that asks. The local experience was priceless!

Enka Robinson

This experience charged my battery to go the height which seemed only imaginable. I left feeling inspired, motivated and an advocate for Black people to take their money to Ghana or any other African country to do business.

Precious McPhee

Certified Africa did an amazing job curating this trip from the welcome dinner down to the personal touches like the special ceremony we were able to be apart of. The staff was amazing in the attention they gave to our group needs. If you are thinking about visiting the country for the first time. I would highly recommend this group.

Troy Martin

I really enjoyed my expedience and throughly loved my time there! Thank you all so much for all the amazing work you did.

Cassie Angu- @thehooddoula

Ghana reminded me of home (Dominican Republic), but even more so it reminded me of how beautiful black people are and how rich in culture we are as a whole.

Rosanna Hernandez

Certified Africa helped my husband and I achieve something we thought was difficult or impossible and that is travel to the Motherland!  Certified Africa held workshops with detailed instructions and steps to get our VISAs, flight tips, the trip itinerary and much more.  They literally covered every question before we asked them.  After the workshop we needed a question clarified and we were able to replay the recording and find the answers.  Certified Africa responded quickly to any questions we had during our preparation for our trip via email and via their app.  We received valuable information on flights, and expected cost that enabled us to budget well and smartly for our trip.  We also received a travel package that offered Twi lessons which will enhance our communication with the local community on our trip.  Certified Africa is very professional and has excellent customer service.  We feel like we are talking with family.  We are so happy we chose Certified Africa to host our first trip to Africa, not just because they provided us with so much valuable information and with essential tools to prepare us for our trip, but because their hospitality is like none other. We can't wait to host more trips with them!!!

Rolanda Lovett

We Work With Travel Agents & Travel Companies

We offer commissions. If you are a travel agent that wishes to book an experience for a client please reach out to our team by clicking the Enquire Now button. After filling the form and indicating that you are a travel agent, press submit and someone from our team will reach out to you. 

If you are travel brand/company that wishes to utilize Certified Africa's on ground logistical, travel and tour services to run an experience in any of our destinations listed please reach out to our team by clicking the Enquire Now button. After filling the form and indicating that you are a travel agent, press submit and someone from our team will reach out to you.