We curate travel experiences that explore business and investment opportunities in Africa and connect black travelers and entrepreneurs living in Africa and the Diaspora.

Certified Africa is a travel and lifestyle company helping the Africa Diaspora to travel, relocate, explore, and start businesses in Ghana and other African Countries. 

Travel Experiences




Dec. 25, 2020- Jan 3, 2021

NYE in the  Motherland 2020

Accra | GHANA




Sep. 3-12, 2021

Love + Biz: Couples in Business 

Accra | GHANA




Dec. 25, 2021- Jan 3, 2022

NYE in the  Motherland 2021

Accra | GHANA

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Shanel, Michigan

This trip blew me away. I was excited to visit Africa for the first time and specifically Ghana but I never expected to be so inspired and moved. The Certified Africa founders were ingenious in curating a trip that addressed the many desires people of African-descent may have when journeying back to their homeland. From the traditional ceremonies to the tourism to the exceptional business investment event, I felt honored to be exposed to every facet of Ghanaian culture and welcomed fully. It was more than a trip but an experience that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Tenisha, New York

I am so happy that I traveled to Ghana with Certified Africa. I honestly wouldn’t want to travel with another travel group. The coordinators, the travel guides, the experience. Everything was more than I could’ve wished and I felt like I left Ghana with an experience I couldn’t have even imagined.

Troy, Chicago

Certified Africa did an amazing job curating this trip from the welcome dinner down to the personal touches like the special ceremony we were able to be apart of. The staff was amazing in the attention they gave to our group needs. If you are thinking about visiting the country for the first time. I would highly recommend this group.

Felicia, Germany

There are not even enough words to describe the amazing trip my Husband and I had with Certified Africa here in Ghana. They answered all our questions and concerns ahead of time and provided all the necessary information for travel to Africa. Once on the ground they gave us days full of culture and love from the Certified Africa staff and the local people of Ghana. If you want to experience Ghana not just Accra. Book with Certified Africa. Thank you again Nii and Kristin and Team for all your hard work. No detail was left out.

Travel Planning 

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Relocation Assistance

Certified Africa is your trusted guide, google, and plug when it comes to relocating, buying land in Ghana, and starting a business for income flow and sustainability. If you have made up your mind to make the move, don't have the time to spend hours and hours researching on google, and want a trusted, valuable and established network to be a part of ...we can help you! 

Land Purchase 

Want to purchase land in Ghana? Need to get connected to a trusted source so that you do not get taken advantage of in the process. Schedule a call with the Certified Africa team. 


Need help breaking into the Ghanaian market? Need someone who is connected between Ghanaian and Diaspora culture?  Need someone who speaks a Ghanaian language to help you? Have a special project you need help planning? Need to be connected with business leaders in Ghana? We've got you!