Moving to Ghana | Mindset

I've been missing Ghana a lot lately. With us working to help the Diaspora to have a plan to exit their 9-5's, move to Ghana and start businesses it has me thinking about Ghana a lot! & it makes me miss it even more.⁣

I remember we were on our way driving to Ada, I had been in Ghana for at least a month by this time and a smile just came over my face. ⁣

It hit me, It's in the middle of the week. No annoying emails from my supervisor, no annoying meetings, no clocking in and out of work. I get to say yes and no to all of the meetings on my calendar, I am spending time with my husband I am on my way to a resort for the day. ⁣

Wow, I thought I am blessed. I can't believe I am living in Ghana. I can't believe this is my life. Is it too good to be true, Is it really real? I asked Nii and he replied, Yes, it is real and it can be your life everyday if you want it to be. ⁣

What Nii said to me that day, sounded so simple" If you want it to be", but it is DEEP." Often time we talk ourselves out of something mentally long before we even have a chance to verbally express what we feel inside of us. ⁣

When it comes to moving, we ask "How will I get citizenship? I don't have enough money saved up, Where will I stay, What If I have to come back home because I run out of money? But don't you need a special type of visa to be over there for long periods of time and it goes on and on and on. ⁣

But here is our advice for people who do that, Ask yourself this question? Do you want it? Do you want to move to Ghana? ⁣

Okay, well if the answer if Yes, the rest.....the process is not really your business. Once you have set your intention, the principle is that it must fall into place. ⁣

We are waiting for your YES, @certifiedafrica can help you with the how and the process. ⁣Click the link to apply.


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