Our Vision is Big, But Simple

Updated: Jul 18

"Lord I decree and declare that we will have a fruitful purpose together on this earth to do your will." Words are powerful and this is exactly what I prayed for in June 2015 before I traveled to Ghana, before I ever met my husband, before I knew his smile, his voice, or his presence. God has blessed us tremendously and showed us favor and this is only the beginning. We are building something greater than the both of us each day and we are allowing God to use us to help others and glorify him.

Our vision is big but it is simple: help millions of the Africa Diaspora to do the following: connect to culture, business, and opportunity in Africa, move to Africa, experience the true Africa wherever they may be in the world all while contributing positively to Africa's development. We have set in motion several businesses in Ghana in the areas of tourism, farming, real estate, transportation, cleaning services, food, media, and we have started a non profit two help with two initiatives dear to us helping black youth to travel to Africa and learn about doing business in Africa, and helping African youth learn entrepreneurship skills.We are putting our biggest effort to set in motion and execute on the vision and the ideas that God gives us. Our motto this year is "Massive Execution" I have left the workforce in faith and this is my "business" full time. Nii still has his job and works full time. We are stepping out on faith and trusting God for what he has revealed to us.

We believe several things:

  • If more people from the African Diaspora traveled to Africa, it would dispel many of the myths they have learned about the Continent.

  • If more people knew about the lucrative business opportunities in Africa and how they can start something with little, they would be more likely to consider Africa as a place to start, expand or build a business.

  • If more people from the African diaspora started businesses in Africa, they would positively impact economic development in the Continent, create jobs and build wealth for themselves and their generations.

  • If more people living in Africa were empowered with the tools, knowledge, and skills to pursue entrepreneurship, it would help substantially in the fight to eradicate poverty and spur wealth building.

  • If more black people worldwide pursued entrepreneurship and learned the skills to start their own business they would likely have more time for family, friends, and their true purpose on earth.

  • If black youth traveled to Africa, connected to culture and learned about entrepreneurship/business opportunities in Africa from an early age, the impact on black people world and Africa would be tremendous.

  • Africa will continue its development with or without the Africa Diaspora. We don't want that to happen, so there must be bridges to help the Diaspora be involved with Africa's development.

  • If Black people produced their own media and film narrative about Africa, it would help in bridging the African Diaspora to Africa.

We know we can't do it alone, it will take the support of a village and the rest of the African Diaspora. If you identify with our vision, rock with us,or love us..... here are several ways to support us:

  • recommend us or travel with us to Ghana or one of our other destinations(you won't regret it)

  • purchase our "made in Africa" items from our online store

  • sponsor our non-profit initiatives

  • sponsor one of our travel experiences

  • write for our blog

  • join our email list

  • subscribe to our Youtube

  • share our posts, emails, videos with your network

  • create media content for our platform

  • become an investor in one of our ventures in Ghana or

  • sow into us personally so that we can grow and be a blessing to others.

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