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Trinidad Carnival Experience

Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy and colorful traditions of Trinidad Carnival. Book now! #TrinidadCarnival2024



Trinidad's unique blend of African and Caribbean culture comes alive during the Carnival festivities. From the spirited rhythms of the steelpan bands to the vibrant costumes and playin’ mas, you'll experience the rich history and traditions of the African diaspora in a truly unforgettable way. Join us for a cultural adventure that will immerse you in the beauty and excitement of Trinidad's African heritage.


Carnival Costume Included

Carnival Costume Included

Carnival Costume included so that you can get to experience playing mas.

Admission to Carnival Fetes & Events

Admission to Carnival Fetes & Events

Attend some of the most popular Carnival Fetes


Certified Africa

Certified Africa

Certified Africa

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Welcome to Trinidad

Today, you arrive in Trinidad. You will be picked up by our team at the Piarco International Airport

Enjoy a bottle of cool water as you head to your accommodation.

Later tonight, we will hit the streets of Trinidad to visit the steel pan yards as we watch the last bit of practice before the final competition of Panorama and swing by some mas camps to see some costume displays.  Afterward, we will sample some local dishes during our foodie tour.





Traditional Costumes and Port of Spain Tour

Today, we will explore the heart of Trinidad's Carnival in downtown Port of Spain. We will watch the Traditional Carnival Costumes display as masqueraders play different characters that express social customs and cultures.. Then, we will head to the Children's Carnival where we will see the next generation of masqueraders showcase their skills in vibrant and colorful costumes.

Afterward, we will have lunch at a local restaurant and enjoy some traditional Trinidadian dishes.

In the evening, we will attend a fete featuring the latest in Carnival music and live performances by local artists. Get ready to dance and party the night away in true Trini style!






Beach Day & Jourvert

Today, we'll take a break from the hustle and bustle of Carnival to relax on the beautiful Maracas Beach. We'll spend time basking in the sun, swimming in the crystal-clear waters, and enjoying the stunning scenery.

For lunch, we'll indulge in one of Trinidad's most famous culinary treats, bake and shark. This delicious sandwich features fried shark meat served in a fried dough "bake" and topped with a variety of sauces and toppings. It's a must-try dish for any visitor to Trinidad!

After lunch, we'll have some free time to explore the beach and soak up the laid-back island vibes. Then, we'll head back to our accommodations to rest up for Jouvert which will take place around 5am

Jouvert is one of the most popular events of the Carnival season. We'll wake up early to join the revelers in the streets of Port of Spain for a morning of mud, paint, and powder. The Jouvert experience is a wild and unforgettable celebration of life and freedom, and you'll be fully immersed in the energy and excitement of this unique Trinidadian tradition.

After Jouvert, we'll head back to our accommodations to clean up and rest before the main Carnival parade.

Activity Level: Maracas Beach: Moderate Jouvert: Extremely Active




Jouvert: Snacks & Beverages



Carnival Monday

Today is Carnival Monday, one of the most exciting days of the Carnival season! We will participate in the celebration by joining a masquerade band and playing mas in the streets of Port of Spain. You'll be outfitted in a costume provided by the band or you can bring your on Monday Wear and join thousands of locals and visitors in dancing, singing, and celebrating the beauty of Trinidadian culture.

After the parade, we'll head back to our accommodations to rest up for another full day of Carnival festivities on Tuesday. Don't forget to take plenty of photos and videos to remember this unforgettable experience!

Activity Level: Extremely Active






Carnival Tuesday

Today is Carnival Tuesday, the pinnacle of the Carnival season! We will once again join a masquerade band and play mas in the streets of Port of Spain. You'll be dressed in a stunning costume and take part in a vibrant and colorful parade that celebrates the beauty and diversity of Trinidadian culture.

As we make our way through the streets, you'll be surrounded by the sounds of soca music and the cheers of the crowds, creating an unforgettable experience that you'll cherish for years to come.

After the parade, we'll head back to our accommodations to rest up and reflect on the incredible journey we've taken together. Don't forget to take plenty of photos and videos to remember this unforgettable experience!

Activity Level: Extremely Active



Unlimited Drinks




Free Day

Today is a free day for you to explore the island at your leisure. You can relax at the hotel, shop, venture out to some of Trinidad's best restaurants or take a tour of the island's historical and cultural landmarks. Our team can provide recommendations and assistance with booking tours or activities.

In the evening, we will attend a cool down fete. It's the perfect way to cap off your Carnival experience.

Activity Level: Moderate

Activity level: Moderate and involves boarding a local boat.






Today, you depart, but not for long. You will be dropped off at the airport to catch your flight.

What's Included

What's Included



Entry Fees

Itinerary Activities

Support Team

Bottled Water

Meals indicated on itinerary


Carnival Costumes

Fetes as indicated on the itinerary

Tips and gratuities for Staff, Guides, and Drivers

Travel Medical Insurance


International Flight


Trip Tips

Trinidad Quick Facts

Trinidad Quick Facts

Capital: Port of Spain Population: 1.526 million  Major Languages: English, Patois, Hindustani Major Religions: Christianity, Hinduism, Islam. Currency: Trinidad and Tobago Dollars (TT$) Calling Code: +1

Visa Requirements for Trinidad

Visa Requirements for Trinidad

For US Passport Holders, a visa is not required for stays less that 90 days.

Vaccination Requirements

Vaccination Requirements

Vaccinations are not required for entry into Trinidad and Tobago. Please consult with your doctor for recommended vaccinations based on your personal health history.



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Certified Africa Luggage

Certified Africa Luggage



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