How to Get Citizenship in Ghana

How to get citizenship in Ghana as an African American.


The citizenship of Ghana is granted to any individual by birth, naturalization or registration. However, the process of securing it is not always easy. One has to meet certain requirements in order to qualify for the Ghanaian nationality.

Requirements for applying for Ghanaian citizenship are as follows:

-To be 18 years or older

-To have resided in Ghana for at least 12 months before applying

-To have lived in Ghana continuously for 5 years or more within the last seven years to the date of application

-To be able to speak a Ghanaian language fluently 

-To be able to make a contribution to the progress or advancement of Ghana 

-To have intent to reside in Ghana permanently

You will need to  submit your application to the Ministry of the Interior ((P.O. BOX M42, Accra)You will also need to present valid identification which contains your photo, date of birth, name, nationality and address on it. Additionally, you will need four passport-sized photos with white background. 

The cost of the citizenship application (naturalization) is 6,000 GHC( Ghana Cedis) which is equivalent to $980

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