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Imagine dipping your foot in the ocean in the Motherland! # goals



Imagine dipping your foot in the ocean in the Motherland! # goals Certified Africa provides a unique travel experience that connects black travelers to movers and shakers on the African Continent. It makes sense that while traveling the world, you also create valuable connections. We want you to travel, enjoy the nightlife, have an exchange of culture, establish relationships, create memories and introduce you to business opportunities and entrepreneurs in Africa. Learn how your skills and business ideas can be resourceful on the continent. It's time to travel the world, expand your global network, explore your roots, and create memories you won't forget. Enjoy the biggest and best parties that Accra has to offer! Please read cancellation policy under FAQ before booking. And Purchase travel insurance immidiately after booking. Join Certified Africa for an epic experience that will connect you to influencers, entrepreneurs, artists and creatives making major money moves on the continent.


Certified Africa

Certified Africa

Certified Africa

Certified Africa is the leading source to book all-in-one private and group travel experiences to the African continent, authentically learn about Africa and explore cultural heritage, lifestyle, and business/investment opportunities in Africa. Certified Africa simplifies travel to Africa and offers travel experiences in multiple African destinations including, but not limited to Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, and Egypt.







Akwaaba - Welcome

Today, you arrived in the motherland.  You will be picked up by our team at the Airport  the Certified Africa way.  

Settle in, relax and enjoy the new environment.

The nighttime is always open to different nightlife activities and outing.





Depart to Kumasi

Today, the family journeys to the Garden city, Kumasi. Take time to unpack, unwind and prepare for the days ahead. 

Try your hands on some fufu at a local chop bar. Take the rest of the day relaxing and checking out your environment. 

Enjoy the evening with some garden city family outing.





Visit to Family Land

Today you have the whole day to yourself. You will visit the family land and also acclimatize yourself with your new neighborhood.  

Kumasi is the capital city of the Ashanti region, a very important and historical centre for Ghana. Tradition is held very high in Kumasi and blends very well with modernity.

Try to have enough rest today since the days ahead will be hectic but fun and entertaining.

You can take some time to visit some extended family as well.





Kumasi City Tour and Naming Ceremony

Today you will immerse yourselves into the diverse and colorful culture of the Ashanti Kingdom. 

You will tour notable parts of Kumasi and learn the history of the Ashanti Kingdom. 

You will also;

  • Take a tour of a cocoa farm to taste and learn about Ghana's leading and major exported commodity.
  • Explore Adinkra Symbols stamping
  • Ntonso Adinkra Symbolism Village
  • Manhyia Palace
  • King Prempeh Museum 
  • Okomfo Anokye Sword Site
  • Learn about the origin of the famous Kente cloth at the Bonwire Kente Village.
  • Try your hand at thread spinning and weaving, or shop for your own exotic cloth.

Activity level is active. Attire is anything Comfortable for City Tour. 






Visit to Lake Bosomtwi

Today, you will enjoy a boat cruise on one of Ghana's finest  natural lake, Bosomtwi. It is appraised as a sacred place spiced with its scenic beauty and charm.

The lake is surrounded by lush green forests and rolling hills. Lake Bosumtwi is located at about  27 kilometers in the Southeastern part of Kumasi.

Lake Bosomtwi is a popular recreational spot, with calm and soothing water where you can safely swim.

There is a stone at the lake side called Abrodwum Stone. It is believed to be the spiritual centre of the lake. You will learn the story behind this lake as you catch some fun cruising.

You can go with a bottle of schnapp to request for prayers from the priest at the Bosomtwi shrine.





Traditional Naming Ceremony

Today you will immerse yourselves into the diverse and colorful culture of the Ashanti Kingdom by participating in a traditional welcome home and naming ceremony to welcome you back to the motherland. 

There will be elders to offer prayers and perform some traditional rites and confer on you local names.

Attire for naming Ceremony is something with an African touch.

Enjoy the rest of the day as you wish. 





Return to Accra

Today wake up to a beautiful sunny day. After breakfast you return to Accra to continue with the rest of the activities.

Later at night you can enjoy some live band music at +233 Jazz Bar or visit the Oxford street at Osu.





Boti Water Falls & Botanical Garden

Today, you have a date with nature so prepare yourself for hiking. This is an outdoor tour with spotlight on a twin water falls believed to be male and female, also called Boti Waterfall and the Aburi Botanical Garden.

You will snake through the Akwapim hills, and tour different species of plants and their medicinal purposes and usage at the beautiful Botanical garden. You will learn about trees that are over 300 years old. Aburi is a perfect location for family pictures and selfies. 

Your next stop will be the Boti falls and umbrella rock. You will hike to the  mysterious rock that has the shape of an umbrella and the three headed palm tree.  You can climb the rock to enjoy the beautiful forest that lays beyond it.  

This tour emits natural freshmatic breeze as you descend over 75 steps to immerse yourself in the  breathtaking sight and soothing sound of water falling through rocks. You may be lucky to behold the rainbow that is formed by the splashing water. 

Activity level is intense. Wear something comfortable and easy to walk in. Prepare for sightseeing and swimming.






Historic City Tour - Accra 360

Today you will explore the capital city of Ghana. You will visit historic sites including 

• A visit to the national museum.

• Visit to the independence square and Black star square, the most famous symbols of Ghana 

• Visit Makola market, the biggest and busiest market in Accra where you can shop beautiful African fabrics

 • Visit the local art market for art and craft shopping, walk around, interact with artists, take pictures or enjoy the beautiful Ghanaian art. 

 • Walk around James Town, community and see some of the oldest buildings from the post-colonial era

• Explore some local snacks and street foods


Breakfast & Street food tasting


DAY 10

Cape Coast Slave Dungeons & Assin Manso

Today, we journey to the central region to visit Assin Manso slave River and Cape Coast slave castle. 

Assin Manso Slave River served as a slave market where people captured from different places were walked to the grounds and given a final bath before been sold or sent to the Cape Coast and Elmina castles.

Weak slaves were fed and allowed to rest for several days or weeks in order to look appealing before been offered for sale or marched to a slave castle.

The market grounds also host the mortar remains of two slave ancestors who were brought from the diaspora for reburial. You will participate in the ritual bath and offer prayers to your ancestors.

You will experience the horror of the dungeons where  slaves were kept to await the ships.  After, we will pass through the "door of no return"  where slaves exited and left their homeland. Today, the "door of no return" has been commemorated as the "door of return" to welcome descendants of those who were forcefully captured and sold into slavery. We will have a door of return ceremony here to mark the emancipation of enslaved people of African descent.

Activity level is moderate.




DAY 11

Beach & Relaxation Day

Today wake up to a beautiful sunny day in Cape Coast. After breakfast you can head to the beach and take a dip in the ocean or just relax beach side.




DAY 12

Depart Cape Coast to Accra

Today you journey back to Accra. Settle in and embrace the rest of the day. Accra is a cosmopolitan city. No matter your preference, Accra got you covered.

Later at night you can enjoy some live band music at Zen Garden or +233 Jazz Bar.


DAY 13

Amedzorfe Walkway, Ote falls & Mt. Gemi

Today, treat yourself to a good breakfast, wear your shoes and let us heard to the Volta region for an astounding and thrilling mountain hike to the Amedzofe Canopy Walkway in the Volta Region.

The canopy walk way is built near the Ote Falls. It is the first of it kind in the Volta Region.

As part of the experience, you will walk through tropical forest where you can have the opportunity of viewing numerous species of birds, butterflies and exotic flowers. 

You will visit Mt. Gemi (second highest mountain) in Ghana, Ote Falls, Amedzofe and Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary.

You will later have a delicious lunch on one of the hill-top restaurants and cool off in the water falls.

Amedzofe is the highest habitable place in Ghana at an elevation of 669 m (2195 ft), near Mt. Gemi, north of Ho. The name Amedzofe means, Home of Humanity.




DAY 14

Shai Hills and Volta River Boat Cruise

Today, you make an adventurous statement at Shai Hills Resource Reserve, Royal Senchi Resort and Adomi Bridge.

The Shai hills reserve is home to 31 species of mammals and over 150 bird species. You will see baboons, birds, butterflies, antelopes, ostrich, zebras and bat caves.

You will also explore some caves and climb hills to behold the beautiful view of the Accra plains from atop the hills.The natural vegetation and walk-through is something you will never forget. 

Sit back, relax and enjoy a fun cruise on the Volta River from Royal Senchi Resort to Adomi Bridge. You will walk on the Adomi Bridge which happens to be the largest cable-stayed bridge in west Africa 

You will experience the breath taking birds eye view of the Volta River. Time to take some memorable pictures.

Compliment the day with a sumptuous lunch at the Royal Senchi resort.




DAY 15


Today, you depart from the motherland, but not for long.

Nante yiye!  Yɛbɛhyia bio (Go well! we shall meet again).

You can do some last minute shopping today. You can grab some already sewed African prints, Dashikis and artifacts. 



What's Included

What's Included




Entry Fees

Itinerary Activities

Meals in Itinerary

Support Team

Activities not on the itinerary

Meals not indicated on the itinerary

Tips and gratuities for Staff, Guides, and Drivers

Travel Medical Insurance


International Flight


Single Occupancy

You will have your own room for the duration of the trip. (Price per person)


Double Occupancy

Room will be shared with another participant of same sex, unless you are a couple. Roommate matching is available. (Price is per person).


Trip Tips

Ghana Quick Facts

Ghana Quick Facts

The Capital: Accra Population: 30 million Size: 238,535 sq km (92,098.9 sq miles) Major Religion: Christianity Main Languages: Twi & English Climate: Tropical Dialing Code: +233 Emergency Numbers: 191 (Police) 192/999 (Fire) 193 (Ambulance) Currency: Ghanaian Cedi Symbols: GH¢ Central Bank: Bank of Ghana Currency Sub-Units: Pesewa = 1/100 of a Cedi Denominations: GH₵ 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Coins: 1p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50 p, GH₵1

Visa Requirements for Ghana

Visa Requirements for Ghana

Ghana requires visa for USA passport holders. There is Visa on arrival for 200 usd. Process of optaining visa is shared in booking confirmation.

Vaccination Requirements

Vaccination Requirements

Covid-19 and Yellow fever vaccinations are required to enter into Ghana for USA passport holders. Yellow fever vaccine can be taken on arrival for 20usd.



WOW!!!!!! Let's just say, it would be very difficult to verbalize how great our trip was as a result of booking with Certified Africa. My wife and I are avid travelers, touching 16 countries so far. We usually create our own itinerary and almost ALWAYS focus on hanging with locals to gain the most intimate and organic experiences possible. Nonetheless, this was our 15-year Anniversary trip and thought it would be a great idea to allow someone else to plan the trip and sit back and enjoy it. With only an introduction call to discuss some must haves and our set budget, Certified Africa DELIVERED!!!!!!!! Creating a custom itinerary that blew our minds and expectations. We have already begun planning our Tanzania and Zanzibar trip for 2022. From me and my beautiful wife to you........What are you waiting for????????????? Book your next trip to the Motherland with the only travel company we feel comfortable recommending, Certified Africa! Richard and Raquel

Richard & Raquel Morris

Add Ons

Certified Africa T-Shirt

Certified Africa T-Shirt


Certified Africa Luggage

Certified Africa Luggage




All flight payments are non refundable. You have 48 hours from the time of booking to cancel a travel experience for a refund minus an administrative fee. After 48hours, the travel experience deposit - and all future payments - are non-refundable.  We highly recommend you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy that includes trip cancellation coverage. After booking, select a travel insurance option that includes a "Cancel for Any Reason" option to cover your non-refundable travel experience and/or flight. Trip cancellation insurance is the only means of receiving reimbursement for non-refundable expenses should you cancel your trip for any reason, whether voluntarily or as a result of Certified Africa's actions.

If you are unable to travel for some reason and you cannot apply a travel insurance cancellation policy, the transfer of your travel experience booking to another person is available.

Transfers of flight arrangements are not available. 

At the discretion of Certified Africa, some or all of your monies paid for your travel experience may be credited towards a future travel experience or booking.

As a courtesy, we offer payment plans for our trips. Your monthly payments start the following month after booking on the same day you paid your deposit. A monthly payment of the minimum amount due is required each month via debit. You may contact us to change your payment date after booking prior to 72 hours of your payment date. Our system sends courtesy reminders about your upcoming payment but you are responsible for ensuring your payment is successful and your card is up to date. If your payment is declined we will attempt 2 consecutive days.  After a 3rd failed attempt you charged an interest fee.

As of January 1, 2020, all payment plans require monthly automated payments to be debited from your credit/debit card.  Manual payments where clients can log in and pay at their leisure can no longer be supported. At any time, you may contact our office to pay in full.

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✳︎ Royal Air Maroc

✳︎ Egypt Air

✳︎ KLM

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