Ghana·November 2 - 9 2023

Experience The Motherland - 2023

Imagine dipping your foot in the ocean in the Motherland! # goals



It's time to visit the Motherland and connect with your heritage and culture! Certified Africa provides a unique travel experience that connects black travelers to movers and shakers on the African Continent. It makes sense that while traveling the world, you also create valuable connections. We want you to travel, enjoy the nightlife, have an exchange of culture, establish relationships, create memories and introduce you to business opportunities and entrepreneurs in Africa. Learn how your skills and business ideas can be resourceful on the continent. It's time to travel the world, expand your global network, explore your roots, and create memories you won't forget. Enjoy the biggest and best parties that Accra has to offer! Please read cancellation policy under FAQ before booking. And Purchase travel insurance immidiately after booking. Join Certified Africa for an epic experience that will connect you to influencers, entrepreneurs, artists and creatives making major money moves on the continent.


Activity Level

Activity Level




Transportation provided to all itinerary destinations

40ft Canopy Walkway

40ft Canopy Walkway

Enjoy this amazing adventure

Slave Dungeons

Slave Dungeons


Certified Africa

Certified Africa

Certified Africa

Certified Africa is the leading source to book all-in-one private and group travel experiences to the African continent, authentically learn about Africa and explore cultural heritage, lifestyle, and business/investment opportunities in Africa. 

Certified Africa simplifies travel to Africa and offers travel experiences in multiple African destinations including, but not limited to Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, and Egypt.








Today, you arrived in the motherland.  You will be picked up by our team at the Airport. They should be in a Certified Africa Shirt.

Settle in, relax and enjoy the new environment. 

Check out Accra nightlife if you wish.



Social Impact Day

Today is the day we reach out and give a helping hand to someone in need. We will take sometime to engage in a social impact project with Jodeb Foundation. 

We will make donations to children and some adults in the rural village of Otareso and its environs. 

You will get to spend some time with the people in the village at a durber and also have some fun activities with the community.





Traditional Welcome + Naming Ceremony

Today we will immerse ourselves into the culture by participating in a traditional welcome home ceremony to welcome you to Ghana and to the Motherland for first timers. 

There will be chiefs and traditional leaders to offer prayers and perform some traditional rites to usher you into the land. 

You will also partake in a naming ceremony where you recieve your Ghanaian name.

We will have the opportunity to dance along with the cultural dancers as we celebrate your return to the motherland.

You will get to try some signature Ghanaian local drinks and snacks during the ceremony.

Our seamstress and tailor will be on standby to take measurements for those who want outfits made. 

For nightlife today, we head to +233 Jazz and Grill for some Ghanaian live band music to complete the day's cultural experience.


Breakfast , Local Food Lunch



Free Day

Wake up to a beautiful African morning and enjoy an amazing breakfast. 

Take the day to unwind from all the hustle a bustle. Relax poolside or head to the beach to relax beach side.

The goal is to get refreshed for your travel back.

You can also do some souvenir shopping at the market.

The rest of the day spend using as you wish.

Tonight is your last day to enjoy Accra nightlife.





Capital City Tour

Today you will explore and delve into Accra's rich history with an unforgettable cultural tour of the capital city of Ghana. You will visit historic sites including; 

  • A visit to the James Town Lighthouse, Cleland Road, Accra Ghana. 
  • Visit to the independence square and Black star square, the most famous symbols of Ghana. 
  • Visit Makola market, the biggest and busiest market in Accra where you can shop beautiful African fabrics
  • Visit the local art market for art and craft shopping, walk around, interact with artists, take pictures or enjoy the beautiful Ghanaian art. 
  • Walk around James Town, community and see some of the oldest buildings from the post-colonial era
  • Visit the Ghana National Museum
  • Visit the W.E.B Dubois Museum
  •  Explore some local snacks and street foods
  • Make a stop at the Ghana Investment and Promotion Center to learn about some business opportunities in the coiuntry.

Tonight is yours to enjoy the vibrant accra nightlife.



Street Food Tasting




A Journey Down Memmory Lane

First Stop: Assin Manso Sacred River

Assin Manso served as a slave market and the place where the slaves had their last bath. After sorting the slaves, the ones that were considered fit were sent to the forts along the coast where they were locked up in the dungeons before being transported across the Atlantic to a foreign land.  

This site has been preserved as a sacred place of remembrance of our ancestors.

Second Stop: Cape Coast Dungeons

Today, we journey to the central region to visit the Cape Coast slave castle where it all began.   We will experience the horror of the dungeons where  slaves were kept to await the ships.  After, we will pass through the "door of no return"  where slaves exited and left their homeland. Today, the "door of no return" has been commemorated as the "door of return" to await the descendants of those who were forcefully taken. 

There will have a door of return ceremony here to mark the emancipation of enslaved people of African descent.





Get Away

Today we will have a get away to have some fun and also relax.


* We'll catch a boat ride on the Volta River and explore some islands like crocodile island, rum island etc. The Volta River is the largest man made lake in the world by surface area. 

* Swimming  

* Photoshoot

* Beach games

* Indoor games like badminton, scrabble, board

* Lunch buffet 

Add-ons at a fee

* Jet Ski

* Horse ride

* Fly board & Jet Lev

We will finish the celebtration with Accra nightlife as a group.







Today, you depart from the motherland, but not for long.

Nante yiye!  Yɛbɛhyia bio (Go well! we shall meet again).

You can do some last minute shopping today.



What's Included

What's Included




Entry Fees

Itinerary Activities

Selected Meals

All Traditional Ceremonies

Bottled Water Supply

Local Snacks

Activities not on the itinerary

Meals not indicated on the itinerary

Tips and gratuities for Staff, Guides, and Drivers

Travel Medical Insurance


International Flight

Trip Tips

Ghana Quick Facts

Ghana Quick Facts

The Capital: Accra Population: 30 million Size: 238,535 sq km (92,098.9 sq miles) Major Religion: Christianity Main Languages: Twi & English Climate: Tropical Dialing Code: +233 Emergency Numbers: 191 (Police) 192/999 (Fire) 193 (Ambulance) Currency: Ghanaian Cedi Symbols: GH¢ Central Bank: Bank of Ghana Currency Sub-Units: Pesewa = 1/100 of a Cedi Denominations: GH₵ 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 Coins: 1p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50 p, GH₵1

Night Out Spots

Night Out Spots

* Bloombar * Front and back accra * Kona Café & grill * Twist Night Club * Republic Bar & Grill * Twist Lounge * Purple Bar * +233 Jazz Bar & Grill * Honeysuckle * Plotseven * Carbon Nightclub * Osu Oxford Street * Sky Bar * Kozo * AM PM * La pleasure beach * Oasis Pool & Shisha Lounge * Potbelly Shack

 Food & Drinks Spots

Food & Drinks Spots

* Jamrock Restaurant & Grill * Chix-N-Ribs * AM PM * FatFish * Starbites Food & Drinks * Lord Of The Wings * Buka Restaurant * Coco Lounge * The Gold Coast Restaurant & Cocktail Bar * Asanka Local International Chop Bar * Asaase Pa Vegan Restaurant and Products * Burger and Relish (Osu) * Papaye Fast Foods * Captain Hook's Accra * Barcelos * ChopShop * Chez Afrique * Ike's Grill and Cafe * Ridge Condos * Sweet Gardens * Sai Wine & Champagne Café * Breakfast to breakfast

Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements

Ghana requires visa for USA passport holders. There is Visa on arrival for 150 usd. Process of optaining visa is shared in booking confirmation.

Vaccination Requirements

Vaccination Requirements

Covid-19 and Yellow fever vaccinations are required to enter into Ghana for USA passport holders. Yellow fever vaccine can be taken on arrival for 20usd.



WOW!!!!!! Let's just say, it would be very difficult to verbalize how great our trip was as a result of booking with Certified Africa. My wife and I are avid travelers, touching 16 countries so far. We usually create our own itinerary and almost ALWAYS focus on hanging with locals to gain the most intimate and organic experiences possible. Nonetheless, this was our 15-year Anniversary trip and thought it would be a great idea to allow someone else to plan the trip and sit back and enjoy it. With only an introduction call to discuss some must haves and our set budget, Certified Africa DELIVERED!!!!!!!! Creating a custom itinerary that blew our minds and expectations. We have already begun planning our Tanzania and Zanzibar trip for 2022. From me and my beautiful wife to you........What are you waiting for????????????? Book your next trip to the Motherland with the only travel company we feel comfortable recommending, Certified Africa! Richard and Raquel

Richard & Raquel Morris

Add Ons

Visa On Arrival

Visa On Arrival


Certified Africa T-Shirt

Certified Africa T-Shirt


Certified Africa Luggage

Certified Africa Luggage


Certified Africa Mug (11oz)

Certified Africa Mug (11oz)


You'll Be Staying Here

Lancaster Accra Hotel or Similar

Lancaster Accra Hotel or Similar

You will be staying at the Lancaster Accra Hotel or similar.


All flight payments are non refundable. You have 48 hours from the time of booking to cancel a travel experience for a refund minus an administrative fee. After 48hours, the travel experience deposit - and all future payments - are non-refundable.  We highly recommend you purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy that includes trip cancellation coverage. After booking, select a travel insurance option that includes a "Cancel for Any Reason" option to cover your non-refundable travel experience and/or flight. Trip cancellation insurance is the only means of receiving reimbursement for non-refundable expenses should you cancel your trip for any reason, whether voluntarily or as a result of Certified Africa's actions.

If you are unable to travel for some reason and you cannot apply a travel insurance cancellation policy, the transfer of your travel experience booking to another person is available.

Transfers of flight arrangements are not available. 

At the discretion of Certified Africa, some or all of your monies paid for your travel experience may be credited towards a future travel experience or booking.

As a courtesy, we offer payment plans for our trips. Your monthly payments start the following month after booking on the same day you paid your deposit. A monthly payment of the minimum amount due is required each month via debit. You may contact us to change your payment date after booking prior to 72 hours of your payment date.

These are some airlines that our travelers have used in the past. Please note that we have a partnership with United Airlines that gives you a discount if booked through Certified Africa.

✳︎ United Airlines

✳︎ Delta Airlines

✳︎ Emirates

✳︎ Brussels Airlines

✳︎ British Airways

✳︎ Ethiopian Airlines

✳︎ Royal Air Maroc

✳︎ Egypt Air

✳︎ KLM

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